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Market Hub


The MarketHub platform transports vast quantities of real-time financial data (including prices and trades) over your network.

The MarketHub platform is genuinely independent of exchanges and data vendor products.

market Hub

Why choose Market Hub

Market Hub

No vendor "Lock-in":

  • multi-platform – Windows, Linux, Solaris
  • multiple transport adapters – B2N’s Zero, TCP and HTTP; 29West’s LBM, IBM’s LLM and TIBCO

Wide range of ready-to-use modules and applications:

  • multiple feed handlers covering large number of consolidated and direct feeds across many products
  • adapters for all major 3rd party platforms
  • a complementary set of MarketHub applications
market Hub

Latest News & Events

Market Hub
(08.JAN.2020) B2N announces its adaptor for Bloomberg Data License (14.AUG.2019) B2N aquires I4THINGS - the IoT LPAWAN standard (04.JAN.2018) B2N announces its hi-perf derivation data engine (03.JAN.2017) B2N introduce solution for Static and “End Of Day” data from XL and APIs access (26.FEB.2016) B2N has partnered with Hentsū, the hedge fund technology specialist to deliver a full range of real-time and historical market data services to fund managers around the world using Amazon Web Services. (29.APR.2014) B2N introduces new hi-performance FIX Server. (29.APR.2014) B2N introduces new hi-performance FIX Server. read more...