MarketHub is a cutting-edge monitoring and data-broadcasting technology, allowing traders, brokers and financial analysts to track and publish changes of financial data. MarketHub provides a rich set of tools to respond to the requirements of the fast changes on the financial markets.

The MarketHub platform is designed to transport over the network large amounts of data from financial markets, consisting mainly of price and trade information for financial instruments. It is intended to respond to the dynamically changing financial markets, by compressing data, using the OTS protocol, so that it can be transmitted much faster over the network than in the ordinary way. Thus the users can receive about 30,000 to 500,000 updates per second, depending on their hardware configuration.


The server module of MarketHub runs on Windows, Solaris, Linux thanks to its pure Java implementation. The server can handle more than 2,000 client connections. The client module/library has a pure java implementation and in addition some platform specific features like COM and Excel RTD adapter. The system allows client subscription for more than 50,000 instruments. MarketHub provides feed handlers for consolidated and direct feeds.